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New Home Construction

Montana Legacy Contracting (MLC) has been in the construction business since 1996. MLC has been in the construction field since 1985. That is experience you will need to build a new home.

With standards being too high these days, you can count on us to provide you with the expertise and knowledge it takes to build in the new era of standardized building codes. Our codes are tougher in Minnesota that in most other states. As a builder, it is our responsibility to know the codes and implement them. They are necessary for longevity, energy efficiency, quality, and health of the occupants. We attend education classes throughout the year to make sure we are up to date on any changes to the codes.

When it comes to building a new home, don't you deserve the best person for the job? Do you want to put your faith in someone who is not prepared to take on a new home project? Just hiring someone based on price alone, will put you at risk for a low quality, inefficient, unsightly home.

Building a new home is a huge task for anyone! We have the knowledge and we have built many new homes and know how to work with you on yours. It is so much more that just dropping a plan off and asking for a price. Many builders in our area are doing just that, and in the end, even though you hired the cheapest builder based on his/her prices, you will, I guarantee, get a "surprise bill" in the end that will put you over budget. THIS HAPPENS ON A REGULAR BASIS WITH OUR COMPETITORS!

When we price a new home, we figure in many factors that others will not, such as:

  • better windows with a cheaper option
  • better insulation with a cheaper option
  • high allowances so you are covered in case you make changes
  • weather delays
  • and better labor force costs.

We explain everything in detail. so you know what you are paying for, NO SURPRISES! Unless you change something or materials increase, you pay no more no matter what! From a rambler design to a multi-level lofted mountain style chalet, we have built them all, no design is out of reach.


  1. You contact us.
  2. We discuss your project.
  3. We discuss your budget and decide whether we can meet your budget.
  4. Once you decide that we can, in fact, meet your budgetary guidelines, we get to work on your plans for finalization for construction.
  5. We sign contract(s) and get started on a timeline.
  6. 3-4 months later you move in!
So... are you ready to go? You want to hire one of the most experienced home builders in northern Minnesota?

Let's get started!
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