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Avoid The "Modular Nightmare!"

Since starting our business in 1996, we have worked on dozens of "Modular Homes". From building the foundation, to attaching a garage, to fixing everything wrong that comes with every modular home on the market, we have seen it and fixed it! We have never found one Modular Home to be anywhere near what they claim to be when they say that they are built to the same standards as standard constructed homes. We have hundreds of photographs to prove it.

The biggest nightmares include:

  • Sub standard, low quality wiring.
  • Lack of attic insulation, causing tremendous heat loss and ice dams.
  • Lack of proper exterior wall outlet insulation (cold outlets on a windy day).
  • Door and window failure due to "shifting" during transportation.
  • Interior drywall cracking due to "shifting" during transportation.
  • Floor "creaking" due to poor workmanship.
  • Roof leaks due to ice dams.
  • Cheap building materials.
  • Cheap labor resulting in poor craftsmanship.
  • Slick, smooth talking sales people, who just want to make a sale and have no after-sale relationships.
  • Asking you to be the "General Contractor". The least amount of involvement is what the modular people strive for, this leaves you vulnerable to fraud by sub contractors and also will slow the progress of your move-in date.
  • Not to Code! No modular is built to the same standards as a custom built home! Don't believe it, it is a lie!
  • Timeframe: They will claim that they can have you in your home in a few weeks. This has never happened, nor will it ever. It is a sales pitch to get a down payment, then the excuses will flow steadily until you move in 3 months later.
We can, on many occasions, build you a custom home for very near the same cost of a modular. By the time you factor in every cost associated with a completed home, we are sometimes even less than a modular. Don't fall for the hype that you can own a home for $50 a square foot, there is so much more to it!


Some Modular Nightmares

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